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The essence of our soul is genuinely remarkable. It nourishes, restores, guides, and loves us. In every Soul Essence gift set, you'll find a sprinkle of the Essence that makes our soul come alive.

We bundled them just for you or someone you love.

Each Soul Essence Gift Set includes:
4 Artisan Soaps
1 Ramie Soap Saver
1 Affirmation/Inspiration Card
1 Reusable Wooden Tray (5" x 4")

Soul Essence Nurture
1 Sweet Oats
1 Golden Body
1 Divine Essence
1 Pink Chiffon

Soul Essence Awaken
1 Guru Rinpoche
1 Soul Centered
1 Gayatri
1 Kundalini Rising

What's in it: distilled water, coconut oil, fair trade shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, non-GMO canola oil, sea salt, sodium hydroxide. Essential oils and or Natural Fragrance Oils. Botanicals or mica for color.  

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