5 Reasons you should use vegan beauty products in 2021

5 Reasons you should use vegan beauty products in 2021

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The vegan lifestyle is getting more popular every year. Although the main basis of veganism is eating plant-based foods, avoiding animal products is spreading to all aspects of our life like in our personal care, in which beauty products play an important role.

The difference between vegan and natural cosmetics is that the first one contains only vegetable and mineral ingredients, that is, no animal ingredients are used to elaborate it. Also, vegan beauty products don't use synthetic ingredients and aren't tested on animals.

Here you can see five reasons to start using vegan beauty products this 2021:

  1. Vegan beauty products contain fewer chemicals ingredients

Traditional beauty products usually contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful to health because some people are sensitive to them. Vegan beauty products can be an excellent alternative because they have plant ingredients that, in most cases, are harmless and suitable for sensitive organisms.

  1. You take care of animals

Vegan cosmetics are cruelty-free because they don't test on animals nor contain animal ingredients. Vegan beauty products use natural materials like plant extracts and essentials oils, which are cultivated without chemicals, pesticides, or agrochemicals, this means that you can take care of your health and beauty without harming animals and nature.

  1. Vegan beauty products have more nutrients  

The good thing about vegan cosmetics is that all the ingredients they contain have benefits for our skin because they don't use the fillers that traditional products do to save money during the manufacturing process or so it appears there is a lot of product in the package.

  1.  Human body processes better the natural ingredients

Some chemical ingredients in traditional products are not only difficult to pronounce, but also to assimilate by our bodies, which will have a hard time trying to process them and will have negative consequences for our health. Natural ingredients like plants and minerals are easier to process for our organism and are effortless absorb by our skin

  1.  Some vegan beauty products packaging are friendly with the environment

Do you know how much waste do you generated with your beauty products packaging? The World Economic Forum said that if we don't stop throwing plastic in the ocean there will be more plastic than fishes on it by the year 2050. Plastic isn't biodegradable and it can poison our food chain, but if we use products that are friendly with the environment in all their manufacturing process, including the packaging, we can contribute to resolving the problem. Many vegan beauty brands use recyclable packaging, so if you buy this kind of product you will be helping to take care of nature.

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