¿Do you want to stick to your new year's resolutions? You should follow these 5 tips

¿Do you want to stick to your new year's resolutions? You should follow these 5 tips

We are beginning 2021 and many of us have a long list of resolutions to fulfill before the year ends which can fill us with anxiety because we want to get the most out of it and achieve all our goals, but you don´t have to worry if you follow these five tips.

Probably, your goal for this year could be to lose weight, quit smoking, start a course to get a promotion in your work, or maybe exercise more. So, how can you ensure to get your resolutions beyond the first months of the year?  Just pay attention to these simple suggestions.

  1. Always dream big

We must be ambitious regardless of our goals. You may want to compete in a marathon, lose 50 pounds, obtain a master's degree, or change to a better job. With courage, perseverance, and support from others, you can do everything you want.

  1. Analyze your behavior and habits

If you stick to your old habits and routines that interfere with your progress, you will not be able to get what you want. To achieve a change in your behavior you have to analyze yourself and identify what the bad habits that are taking away your energy.

When you are considering a change to achieve a goal, you first must think about it carefully. You can boost your chances when you find a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of making changes to your lifestyle or of staying in the same place. Then, you will realize which are the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward.

  1. Split your big dreams into small steps

This doesn’t refer to think in a small way, it means that you should break your goal into little steps. It will help you to move forward to your ultimate goal. If you start on the first base, this will give you the confidence to tackle the next steps until you are successful with your resolution.

  1. Commit yourself

You must make the promise to yourself and your loved ones that you are going to do all that is necessary to accomplish your resolutions and to not let them down. This promise could be verbal or written and it will help you to encourage yourself to slog through the tough parts.

  1. Clean your energies

Besides commitment and your habits, you also need to pay attention to the energies and take away the negative things that can interfere to achieve your goals. One thing that can help you is a Pranic Healing therapy.

Pranic Healing is a therapy in which we can clean our energy and without physical contact. Your aura is cleansed, allowing the vital force, or prana, to flow through our mind and body, freeing us of all these negative feelings.

You can complement a Pranic Healing therapy with holistic essences that will allow you to clear your mind and spirit, as well to connect with your inner energy to achieve the balance that you strongly desire to achieve your goals.

If you need a Pranic Healer to help you cleanse your energies, Marcela Arrieta is the right person. She is an well-versed in pranic healing with a long experience and deep studies on the subject.

Marcela also is knowledgeable about the energetic properties of plants, essences, and crystals. She is the owner of Majestic Bliss Soap where she creates vegan-friendly and holistic self-care products infused with life-force energy to help others find the balance and peace that is needed in this difficult world. You can find crystal prana's essences in her shop that combine the finest essential oil blend with an energetically infused crystal with many purposes that can help you to clean your path so prosperity can get into your life. You can discover all its essences in MajesticBlissSoap

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