How cruelty-free products can help to save the planet

How cruelty-free products can help to save the planet

We live in a world with so many environmental issues to resolve that we could think there is nothing to do to help, but the truth is that small actions can make the difference. We can start to make a change by helping animals, and we can do it by choosing cruelty-free products.  To convince you about them, here we show you five reasons cruelty-free products can help to save the planet and the animals.

  1. Cruelty-free products use fewer chemicals substances

Cruelty-free products tend to use natural ingredients or have fewer chemicals that are, mostly, toxic to the environment and people. Remember, many of the most common brands are full of chemical substances that are bad for our bodies. We know that our skin absorbs all we put on it; therefore the lotions and soaps full of parabens, artificial fragrances, and other chemical products can be harmful to our organism.

  1. They help us to become green

Using cruelty-free products is an easy way to have a bigger contribution to protect our planet because companies that are committed to making this kind of products use ingredients and materials that are eco-friendly, as well as, paying attention to the process and the product package, that is made with green materials.

  1. We can save animals

Common cosmetic brands continue to use animals to test products; rabbits and mice are the most common victims. Their skins and eyes are exposed to harsh chemicals that produce physical pain, but the cruelty-free products are here to put a halt to this inhuman problem; besides it has been proven that animal testing is unnecessary. The animal-friendly companies take advantage of tests that were created to try products without using animals during the process.

  1. We can feel good about ourselves

You can feel confident that you are a good and responsible person when you are buying products that help to take care of our planet and prevent the suffering of a living being. This generates a positive feeling, and we can be sure that our actions will contribute to make our planet a better place for everyone.

  1. A lot of countries are banning animal testing

European Union countries, and others as Israel, India, South Korea, Switzerland, and New Zealand had banned using animals for testing products because these countries are aware that no animal should suffer and die in a laboratory where cosmetic products or any other product for human consumption is being tested.

One of the companies in the United States that produce vegan and cruelty-free products is Majestic Bliss Soap. Founded by holistic and alternative medicine practitioner Marcela Arrieta, this company is family-owned and operated. Its main purpose is to create daily care products that help people find their balance, as well as making our planet a better place for all. You can find and buy their products here majesticblisssoaps

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