How to get in the Holiday spirit in a holistic way, we tell you here

How to get in the Holiday spirit in a holistic way, we tell you here

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December is a month when people forget about their natural urges and the concerns of routine, expressing their true feelings without feeling self-conscious. Maybe it is a great opportunity during the year when everyone can be themselves.

This December 21st is a special day of the month, but if your Holiday enthusiasm is low and you want to receive all the positive energies from this day, here are some things you can do.

Clean your house 

This day, and all month, is important to clean the house and prepare to celebrate. You can attract the good energy by putting ornaments and incense of pine and tangerine essences.

Make a dinner

This December 21st you can make a special dinner to express your gratitude for all the positive things during the year. Also, it is an opportunity to open your heart and your home to all the blessings that will bring the next year.

Get in a Holiday mode

During all the season, get your home in a Holiday mode with music, singing Christmas carols or watching movies. The atmosphere in your house must be full of joy, union, love, and gratitude.

Write a letter of wishes

Many people write a letter where they put all their wishes for the coming year, hoping that God and positive thoughts will guide their paths and help them along the way to make the dreams come true.

Open your windows

To allow the positive energy of the Holiday, keep your windows and doors open and keep positive thoughts in your mind and love in your heart.

Take a special bath

To be prepared for the Holiday spirit, take a special bath with sea salt, lemon essences and rose water. Put all this in your bath along with positive thoughts in your mind.

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