Why is an Amethyst your new BFF!

Why is an Amethyst your new BFF!

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You've all heard of crystals and quartz having different properties - but what is what? How about we start with your new bff? An Amethyst.

This captivating crystal radiates a beauiful indigo-purple that will captivate you from the start and its properties will leave you in awe.

An Amethyst is best when placed in your home, office and even in your vehicle to ward off and protect you from negative energy. You can place it in your purse, pocket or wear it as a pendant. It makes it a great and versatile stone...not to mention your new ally.

It's important to cleanse it every so often - although, if you wear it as a pendant it should be cleansed daily. And don't wear it to bed! Why? Well its main purpose it to deflect toxic energies, if you wear it to bed or don't cleanse it every day you'll be wearing an energetic-trash can everyday. I don't think you'll like that feeling after a few days. 

To clean your pendant grab a container fill it with water and add table salt. Place your amethyst in the water overnight. Only use this container for cleansing your crystals and don't reuse for your delicious coffee or tea (laughs silently). 

You'll love having this beautiful and radiant friend by your side everyday. One last thing, keep this gem out of reach from people. If they touch your sacred stone so will their energetic print. But don't panic - simpy cleanse it in salt-water and it's back to normal. 

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